We've mastered Swag packs, so you don't have to.


swag packs!





Send swag to remote teams and customers to keep them engaged
  • Show top clients you care
  • Engage with Remote Teams
  • Humanize virtual events
  • Operations Teams Appreciation
One integrated platform to
Create, Automate, and Distribute high-quality swag anywhere!
Integrate with over 2000 apps via Zapier
Ship 1 by 1 to customers, attendees and employees
All powered by your dashboard
Swag should be fun
There's nothing like receiving an awesome swag pack, but putting them together was a nightmare. We've made it simple.
Long days searching for swag, losing track of inventory
Overflowing closets with swag
Bribe coworkers to put together packs
  • An assortment of high quality branded items bundled together
  • Consists of various items, from notebooks to sweatshirts and beyond
  • Perfect for clients and employees to build brand awareness & loyalty

Don't need a swag pack? Order bulk swag instead
So much more than swag
We'll handle design
Design handled from start to finish for free.
Global fulfillment covered
If it's on a map, odds are we've shipped swag there.
Inventory management
Take back your office. We'll hold onto your swag and alert you when you're low.
Swag management dashboard
One centralized platform to streamline all your swag needs.
All powered by your dashboard
Real time inventory updates
Track all your shipments in one place
Easily reorder your favorite swag
Send swag to contacts in your directory
Our clients love us to the moon and back
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Happiness guaranteed
Getting custom swag right can be tricky. If you're not in love with the end result, just let us know and we'll make it right, guaranteed!
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